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Books and CDs by Ken O’Donnell

If you would like to acquire any of these products:

Pathways to Higher Consciousness

A thought-provoking and accessible guide to how an ancient spiritual practice known as Raja Yoga meditation

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You can’t write your name on the sun (English)
- CD inspirational songs

Inspirational songs written and performed by Ken O'Donnell to elevate and gladden hearts.

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New Beginnings

A valuable handbook for more experienced meditators to revise the concepts of consciousness and spiritual truths.

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 Meditations (Portuguese) Book and CD (N/A)

The first steps in meditation practice with recorded        commentaries by Luciana Ferraz.

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Peace Starts with You (Portuguese)

Understanding the number one rule in all circumstances —
no-one can take away my inner quality of peace.

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The Last Frontier (Portuguese) Book and CD

Deep insights into practical spirituality with recorded
meditation commentaries

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