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Courses and Workshops

All of these courses and workshops are one-day programs. They are suitable for anyone facing challenges in the workplace, whether initiating or facilitating other people through changes and turbulence.
Each situation is unique in terms of culture, situations and requirements. Also the readiness and experience of the individuals involved varies widely. Because of these two reasons, all courses can be tailored as in-house programmes to address specific issues within the organization. They can be adapted to lecture or short-workshop format also.


course 1

The values-based leader:
How and why a leader needs to work from his/her own values and inspire the same in others. What being a leader is all about. 

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course 2

Building and leading effective teams:
Optimizing results through improving commitment and synergy. 

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course 3

Managing change in the eye of the storm:
Understanding and engaging with the process of change in a positive and empowering way, to make potentially difficult situations easier for everyone involved. 

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course 4

Developing Focus:
How to create a sense of focus in a group or organization that is so strong and inspiring that it draws out motivation from people and attracts capacities and resources. 

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course 5

Quality from the inside out: To improve processes and structures, we have firstly to improve attitudes and relationships.

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